Why Buttons?

We care 

At Buttons we care about each and every one of our children and their families. We demonstrate how much we care through the provision of warm, secure and nurturing emotional environments, where children are encouraged to make firm bonds with their play partner who, in turn, is committed to meeting their individual needs.

Doing our best

We work closely with parents and carers to develop children’s interests and skills ensuring each of them reach their full potential. Our specially selected, well qualified staff teams and a rich programme of on-going training to support continuous professional development. Programmes of bespoke activities are designed to help children learn through play and exploration. Well-designed environments with special areas meet the developmental needs of babies, toddlers and pre-school children.


Our commitment

At Buttons we are committed to nurture your children's imagination and creativity, build their confidence through praise and strong caring relationships, develop their social skills through trust, respect and sharing, encourage them to grow and develop by inspiring them to love learning… forever.

Care. Children need love and nurturing to develop a sense of trust and security that turns into confidence as they grow

Health. Providing a healthy and well balanced diet to babies and young children is vital to support all aspect of their development. 

Quality. A responsive environment and a highly educated staff are key factors to deliver children the best start in life. 

Social. As member of a community, children learn how to live with others, build relationships and get a sense of share, respect and trust. 

Creativity is innate in children and we nurture it through opportunities for self-exploration by giving space for experiment. 

Challenge. A stimulating environment enables children to develop their motor skill and cultivate their ambition through accomplishment. 

Nature. Access to nature is essential for children to understand the world they live in and learn how to respect it.


Our team

We know how important it is for you that the right person is caring for your child.

That is why our process for recruitment of staff is extremely robust and ensures that only the best Early Years practitioners work in our nurseries. Our team is comprised of passionate, committed and attentive people who put their heart into delivering the best education to your child.

The team are first and foremost senior parents with children, many of whom are nursery age. Secondly they include seasoned Early Years education professionals with decades of experience and a track record of providing high quality childcare.

Training and development is important to us, because we know that care and learning go hand in hand. At Buttons we are committed to developing our nursery teams, so that we maintain the highest standards of Early Years education and set the benchmark for high quality care. Our training is based on respected theories underpinned by current research from the UK and beyond. We believe that quality care and education is dependent upon well informed, professional staff, who are passionate and inspired by the work they do with children.