Our parent community

The closer we work together, the more rewarding the experience is for you, your child and us. Whilst we are experts in childcare and early learning, we know you are the expert in your child. That's why we attach so much importance in developing a strong relationship between our staff and parents through effective communication.


Play Partner System

Our Play Partner System lets you and your child form a special relationship with one staff member. This person is your main point of contact in the nursery, and will have focused on developing a strong bond with your child. As their Play Partner, he or she will understand your child’s individual needs, giving support so that developmental milestones can be achieved. Your child’s Play Partner will create a personalised Learning Journey Book. This will include photos and observations of your child, enabling you to follow your child’s progress and development. If you have any issues, there is always one member from your child’s room available. Appointments can be arranged to discuss any additional concerns you may have. 


Parent events

It’s not just the children who have all the fun at Buttons. We organise events on a regular basis to help parents meet each other, share experiences and talk to us. Some events are an opportunity to discuss children’s progress and development with the staff.

Fun Days are held at each nursery every year to raise money for a local charity. These take place outside of normal nursery hours, and are – as the name suggests – a fun way for the children to play together and for parents and staff to mix.


Read all about it

A monthly newsletter is also sent to families to let you know about events, initiatives and general nursery news.